Fox and Hasbro to Develop New Movie Based on Clue Board Game

Posted on August 17, 2016

Another film based on Hasbro's Clue board game is in the works. The classic board game has people competing to solve a murder mystery. It features a gameboard, cards, dice, weapons, a scandal envelope and more.

Variety reports that Fox will work with Hasbro to develop the movie after Universal ditched the project. Josh Feldman from Hasbro will produce for Hasbro Studios and Daria Cercek will oversee the film's development for Fox. Past board game translations into film from Hasbro have included Battleship and Ouija. A Candyland game is also in development.

The previous Clue film arrived in theaters in 1985 and made under $15 million according to Box Office Mojo. Fox and Hasbro will be looking to beat that figure. Clue at least lends itself directly to a solid plot and good characters more obviously than some board games.

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