Stephen Colbert and Jack Black Perform My Kind of America

Posted on October 15, 2015

Stephen Colbert did a segment pointing out that politicians have a lot of trouble getting good music to play at their rallies. They usually don't ask permission to use an artist's song. This leads to artists sending cease and desist letters and threats on Twitter. Donald Trump is currently being threatened by Steven Tyler, who wants Trump to stop using the Aerosmith song "Dream On" at rallies.

Colbert noted that John McCain got a number of threats from various bands for using their songs. Ex-candidate Scott Walker got blasted on Twitter by the Dropkick Murphys who tweeted to him, "we literally hate you!"). But Stephen Colbert is there to help the current crop of candidates. He wrote a pop anthem that he is offering up for free to any politician who wants to use it. He was joined by Jack Black for the rousing, semi country ditty called "My Kind of America" which Stephen described as "generic enough not to offend anyone, but generic enough to be loved by everyone." Jack wore a cowboy hat, boots and a denim ensemble for the energetic performance.

The tune featured laundry lists of things that people like about America, such as: "I Love Lucy, 'I Like Ike,' marriage rights and Dick Van Dyke...moonshiners, title-fighters, football spikes, Bagel Bites." The song is catchy. But the real eyecatcher during the performance is the back up dancers. Both the male and female dancers are dressed in tight Daisy Duke shorts, bare midriff tops, cowboy boots and cowboys hats. Now there's equality for you.

We wonder if any of the candidates will use the song? Hey, Stephen said they could use it for free so why not? Take a look:

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