No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero

Posted on November 5, 2009

Rock band No Doubt is suing Activision for breach of contract. The gamer has used images of the band members in a way that was not approved by the band for the game Band Hero.

n a suit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the veteran ska-rock group claims that "Band Hero" users have the ability to manipulate No Doubt members, both collectively and individually, into singing popular songs by other artists -- something the band said they didn't sign up for. "No Doubt agreed to place avatars containing their name and likeness performing three No Doubt songs in the upcoming 'Band Hero,'" the group said in a statement.

The game, released Tuesday by Activision, uses the likeness of No Doubt members in more than 60 songs, "which are not appropriate for No Doubt and have not been and would not have been chosen by No Doubt for recordings or public performances." Activision has declined to comment on the suit, while No Doubt adds that the vidgame maker has refused to alter the title, "claiming the necessary fix would be too expensive."

Activision says it would be too expensive to make the changes, but No Doubt is not amused that their images can be manipulated by the users into looking and acting in ways that are offensive to the group. Who wins this case will depend entirely on what the contract says. If No Doubt's attorneys did their job, this is a slam dunk. If they didn't spell out how the images could be used, No Doubt is in trouble.

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