Olivia Wilde Takes the Actathalon Challenge

Posted on October 13, 2015

Olivia Wilde was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers and agreed to compete in Seth's hilarious new bit called the Actathalon Challenge. Neil Patrick Harris was the first guest to run the gauntlet of scenarios which put his acting skills to the test. Olivia came prepared in workout gear and said she prepared for the challenge by eating only only ate bean skins and water for a year, then transforming into Winston Churchill and then back into herself.

The first challenge was the Devil's Desk where she took a phone call then swept everything off the desk in rage. Then it was off to the Mirror of Introspection where she looked into a mirror and wondered how she became this person. The next test is The Why where she must get terrible news and emote.

Olivia then hit the The Quit Pit where she delivered an emotional scene in which she quit her job. The next challenge is probably one she handles all the time. In the Idiot Inferno a fan wants to take a selfie with her but he can't figure out how to use his camera. She was very funny during the Sneak of Shame where she must sneak out of a strange bedroom without waking the unknown occupant.

For the Telephone of Terror she took a call from what looked like a serial killer who was in the house with her and wanted to play board games. For the Courtroom Crusher she played an intense defense attorney who must object to an outrageous demands of the prosecutor.

Our favorite was The Junket Room in which she had to aggressively promote a terrible film. She gave it her all to sell Twitter: the 3D Movie Musical even singing some of the awful lyrics. She also nailed the the Grapes of Wrath section by hurling a glass of wine directly into Seth's eye. He certainly wasn't ready for that one. He was soaking wet and could barely see after that one.

The judges gave her ten out of ten and she won the World's Most Perfect Actor trophy. Sadly, the music played her off before she could begin to thank lots of people. Take a look:

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