SNL Skit: The Voice Starring Melissa McCarthy, Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah

Posted on April 7, 2013

In this hilarious skit SNL took on The Voice and its new coaches. Melissa McCarthy plays a contestant that it just terrible, yet all three super enthusiastic coaches want her on their team. "What got you into singing?" asks Adam Levine (Bill Hader).

"They told me if did this show I'd get a week off work," she replies. Hader's Adam Levine impersonation is perfect -- his voice, the tattoos, and his mannerisms were spot on. Usher (Jay Pharoah) also wants her on his team and gets personal with her asking, "What are your dreams, baby?"

Kate McKinnon does a pretty good Shakira, with a nice ululation in her voice. Most of what she asks in unitelligibile to the contestant. Jason Sudeikis played Blake Shelton who asks what her father does for a living. When she replies, "He's an alcoholic" Blake exclaims, "See I knew there was a little country in you!"

He goes on to declare that the fact that she lives in a hole is "pure country." Take a look:

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