Terminator Season Finale is Tonight

Posted on March 3, 2008

Tonight is the two hour season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox. The show has not been renewed yet, so it's possible that this will be the series finale, which would be a shame. The writers' strike messed up the storyline: only nine of the planned thirteen first season episodes were shot when the strike started.

Tonight Sarah and John continue their search for the Turk, the chess-playing computer that has vanished. The Turk is the forerunner of Skynet. And speaking of Skynet, a Terminator movie has been greenlit and will most likely hit theaters in 2009. Christian Bale will play the grown up John Connor in the horrific post-nuclear world populated by the machines. It's all quite annoying because the whole point of the tv show is to stop Skynet from being built and avoid that future. Still, Christian Bale will make a great resistance leader.

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