Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser Sing Text Me Merry Christmas

Posted on November 18, 2014

Frozen and Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell has partnered with Straight No Chaser for a cute Christmas song. The song is called "Text Me Merry Christmas."

Kristen is sending text messages in the song's music video. She advises fully charging your phone. She sings that she would also like a selfie in addition to a text. She wants a text - not a tweet or a Facebook message. She's not concerned about spelling.

Kristen was the perfect choice for the female voice in this song and Straight No Chaser (SNC) knew it from the start. SNC is an a cappella group that originated at Indiana University. SNC's Randy Stine told Ryan Seacrest, "As soon as we heard the first demo it was apparent that it had to be a duet ... the only voice we heard singing this was Kristen Bell and she nailed every note and delivered the lyrics with the perfect comedic tone. We were hanging on her every word ... when we weren't looking at our phones."

SNC is very familiar with the power of social media. They became popular when their comedic version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" viraled on YouTube. The group signed a record deal with Atlantic Records in 2008. They found success through their Christmas albums, which include Holiday Spirits and Christmas Cheers.

Kristen told Ryan Seacrest that the song was very fun to record. She says, "The lyrics are smart and creative and musically it was a blast to sing a cappella with Straight No Chaser. I'm excited to be a part of what could be a Christmas classic for our current generation."

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