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Here are the latest posts about Halloween on Watchers Watch:

Jigsaw Tops Weekend Box Office: Jigsaw won the box office this weekend followed by Boo 2. Suburbicon was a major flop. (2017-10-29)

Alton Brown to Host Halloween Themed Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton Brown will host a Halloween themed Cutthroat Kitchen tournament on the Food Network. (2016-09-09)

Universal Studios Adds American Horror Story to Halloween Horror Nights: Universal Studios is adding elements from American Horror Story to Halloween Horror Nights. (2016-09-05)

Heidi Klum is Jessica Rabbit For Halloween: Heidi Klum blew the competition away with her insanely awesome Jessica Rabbit costume. She looked exactly like the curvy cartoon character. (2015-11-01)

Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona Town: An inflatable pumpkin can be seen rolling through the streets of a town in Arizona in this frightening Halloween video. (2015-10-31)

Ariana Grande is a Vampire and Carrie for Halloween: Ariana Grande is pictured dress as a vampire for Halloween. She was also channeling Carrie in another costume. (2013-11-03)

Lara Spencer Channels Miley Cyrus for Halloween: Lara Spencer channeled Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball for a segment during Good Morning America's Buzzy Awards. (2013-10-31)

Paris Hilton Wears Miley Cyrus Twerk Costume for Halloween: Paris Hilton is wearing a Miley Cyrus twerk costume. The costume was inspired by Miley Cyrus's VMA performance and features the ugly cartoon bears. (2013-10-28)

Ellen DeGeneres Sends Writer and Executive Producer Through Haunted House: Ellen DeGeneres sent her writer and executive producer through the Walking Dead maze at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night. They were both very scared. (2013-10-23)

Toy Story of Terror to Air on ABC on October 16: Toy Story of Terror, a Disney-Pixar special, will air on ABC on Wednesday, October 16. (2013-09-10)

Tom Hanks Assists Stephen Colbert With His Spooky Time Halloween Fun Guide: Tom Hanks stopped by to help Stephen Colbert with his annual Stephen Ghoulbert's Spooky Time Halloween Fun Guide. (2012-10-26)

SNL: Stefon Describes the Hottest Halloween Happenings in New York City: SNL City Correspondent Stefon (Bill Hader) shares his tips for having fun on Halloween in New York City in this recurring skit. (2012-10-22)

John Carpenter's Halloween Funny or Die: Chloe Moretz is the Scary Girl: Chloe Moretz is the Scary Girl in John Carpenter's Halloween Funny or Die. (2011-10-31)

Olivia Munn is Vicki from Small Wonder for Halloween: Olivia Munn dressed as Vicki from Small Wonder for Halloween. (2011-10-31)

Ghost Hunters Kris Williams and Amy Bruni Talk Live Halloween Show: Syfy's hit show Ghost Hunters are doing a live investigation on Halloween night, just like they did last year. (2011-10-30)

Jimmy Fallon's Pros and Cons of Trick or Treating: Jimmy Fallon offered some of the pros and cons of trick or treating this Halloween. (2011-10-26)

Ellen DeGeneres is Dressed as Snooki's Poof: Ellen DeGeneres is dressed as Snooki's Poof for Halloween. She looks great. (2010-10-29)

Dita Von Teese Disguised as a Normal Girl: Dita Von Teese says she's too jet-lagged to participate in Halloween this year. (2009-10-31)

Spooky Halloween Entertainment: The Washington Times has an article listing TV Guide's choices for the top ten Halloween TV specials of all-time. (2006-10-26)