Lara Spencer Channels Miley Cyrus for Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2013

Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer channeled Miley Cyrus for Halloween. She came in on wrecking ball during the GMA's "Buzzy Awards."

Lara wore the Miley twerk costume, which was inspired by the singer's VMAs performance. It has been popular with celebrities and anchors this Halloween. Paris Hilton wore the costume last weekend and Kelly Ripa also wore the costume on her show today.

Lara Spencer swings back and forth on a wrecking ball on the stage and mimics Miley's voice. Take a look:

Good Morning America tweeted, "We stand corrected: @LaraSpencer coming in like a #WreckingBall just may be the best moment! #GhoulMorningAmerica"

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