Dita Von Teese Disguised as a Normal Girl

Posted on October 31, 2009

Dita Von Teese says she's too jet-lagged to participate in Halloween this year. She was going to go as an Ed Hardy girl, but that was too scary.

She posted a of her as a "normal girl" from Halloween last year. You can see it on Instagram. The look was achieved with "...tight jeans, Vuitton scarf, gold high heels sandals, french mani/pedi, layers of bronzer." We feel a bit shocked to see Dita as a "normal girl." Of course, she still looks fabulous.

Dita told Huffington Post that this is her Halloween look. She says, "I wore them on Halloween. Every year for Halloween I dress up as a normal girl. So this year, I wore jeans and little fleece-trimmed Ugg boot-type things and a t-shirt and a blonde wig and a tan....I went to a big party here in L.A. I went completely unrecognized, which was awesome. Not one person knew it was me. I was with my friend who's a famous TV star and everyone was saying, 'Can I take a picture of you?' to him and no one asked me for a picture which was really great."

Dita did it again in 2016. See the Photo shared on Twitter. There's another "normal girl" photo on Instagram.

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