Trailer for Camp X-Ray Starring Kristen Stewart and Peyman Maadi

Posted on August 8, 2014

Here is the trailer for Camp X-Ray starring Kristen Stewart and Peyman Maadi (A Separation). Kristen plays Private Amy Cole, who has just been assigned as a guard at Guantanamo Bay.

During the orientation the new guards are warned not to call the inmates prisoners, but only to call them detainees. It's an important legal distinction. Prisoners of war must be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention, but detainees have no such rights. She is also told not to tell the detainees any personal information about herself or to let them get inside her head.

The work is boring and disturbing at the same time. The guards' main job is to keep the detainees alive and not allow them to commit suicide -- or escape. After a number of unpleasant, violent incidents, both with jihadists who hate her and some of her crude and aggressive male comrades, Cole eventually befriends one of the detainees, who despairs of ever leaving or having any country accept him after he has been incarcerated in Gitmo. Ali is an educated man who does not swear at her, try to attack her or call her filthy names as the other detainees do. He is just bored and wants someone to talk to. And he really wants to read the last Harry Potter book and is convinced that they are withholding the last book as a new form of torture.

To prepare for the film Kristen watched a number of documentaries about Camp Guantanamo and trained with a Marine. She and her co-star Peyman Maadi worked many extra hours to hone the relationship beats between a guard and a prisoner. The film debuted at Sundance with good buzz for Kristen's and Peyman's performances.

The film is directed by Peter Sattler who told Vanity Fair that he originally wrote the prison guard part for a man. But after his wife became pregnant with their daughter, he began to think about gender issues and how that would play out. hits theaters on October 17. 2014. Take a look:

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