2012 Dominates the Box Office

Posted on November 15, 2009

John Cusack and Roland Emmerich's mega disaster movie, 2012, easily won the weekend box office taking in $65 million. The film has made a very impressive $225 million worldwide over the past five days. Roland Emmerich likes big projects and this time it really paid off for him - Deadline Hollywood Daily says Emmerich's deal gives him 25% off the film's gross profits.

Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol had a very strong second week adding another $22 million to its total. This should silence critics who said the film wouldn't make much money. A Christmas Carol should linger in theatres with Christmas still weeks away.

The Men Who Stare at Goats came in third and made $6.2 million. Precious performed incredibly well considering it was in under 200 theaters. The film made over $6 million at an average rate of $35,000 per theatre. The box office strength should only help the film's Oscar buzz. The other major release this weekend, Pirate Radio, did not fare well. It only made $2.8 million despite opening in nearly 900 theaters.

2012 will need to savor its big box office victory while it lasts because New Moon will be next weekend's number one film. The only remaining question is just how big the box office will be.

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