Ariana Grande Performs New Version of Break Free on SNL

Posted on September 29, 2014

Ariana Grande made her Saturday Night Live debut this past weekend and it was fantastic. She sang, she danced, she wore cat ears -- and she played She-Ra.

For her first performance Ariana performed "Break Free." She changed the tempo of the song. She sat on a stool and sang a torch song version, which we really liked. Then she jumped up and pepped up the tempo. She was joined by dancers dressed in white for the last part of the song.

Ariana wore some insanely fabulous black, thigh high Christian Louboutin boots, along with a black, bare midriff showing, off the shoulder knit top and a half-miniskirt that walked the line between underwear and a skirt. She wore her giant ponytail and accessorized with cat ears. She wore the cat ears for both performances, although for the second performance she changed into a tight fitting black pencil skirt. Ariana had two earpieces that were massively blinged out with clear crystals. Her dancers appeared to be holding light sabers.

Ariana also got to play She-Ra in a very funny sketch about a kid who wished his action heroes alive. He-Man and Lion-O from Thundercats finally get some female companionship when the Princess of Power She-Ra shows up. Here is Ariana performing "Break Free":

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