Battlestar Galactica Teases Fans With Webisodes

Posted on September 7, 2006

Battlestar Galactia webisodes logo As fans eagerly await the season premiere of Sci Fi's hit show Battlestar Galactica, they can catch up with what's happening on New Caprica with a set of free webisodes that set the stage for the upcoming season.

Sci Fi will air a new webisode every Tuesday and Thursday: there are 10 episodes in all. The production values are good; they look just like a regular TV episode. The second webisode was uploaded today. And if you miss one, you can watch them all on demand at

We really hope the crew of the Galactica a) gets off New Caprica soon b) finds more supplies (we're really sick of the "we're out of fuel/water/food" storylines) and c) finds a planet where they can get some hi-tech replacement parts. Because if this keeps up, the Galactica is going to need a Richard Dean Anderson/McGyver infusion to keep the ship running with chewing gum and paper clips.

The season premiere is on Friday, October 6, 2006 on Sci Fi Channel. And yes, we're still so angry at Sci Fi for cancelling Stargate-SG1 that it's taking some of the anticipation out of Galactica Season 3. How can you have Sci Fi Friday without Stargate?

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