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SNL Sketch: Chris Hemsworth and a Live Chicken Spoof Star Trek: Chris Hemsworth admits his love for a live chicken in this SNL Star Trek spoof. The chicken is the starship captain and they must talk about her reckless actions. (2015-03-08)

SNL Skewers Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Underwear Ads: SNL's Kate McKinnon absolutely nails her Justin Bieber impersonation in this series of hilarious spoof ads mocking Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear campaign. (2015-01-18)

SNL Promos: Chris Rock Discusses Musical Guest Prince: It's all about Prince in these promos for tonight's SNL. Host Chris Rock and Bobby Moynihan discuss the Purple One and how women scream whenever his name is mentioned. (2014-11-01)

Jim Carrey Parodies Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials: Jim Carrey does a hilarious parody of Matthew McConaughey's ads for the new Lincoln MKC in this faux commercial from Saturday Night Live. (2014-10-27)

SNL Sketch: Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Dance to Sia's Chandelier: In this SNL sketch, Jim Carrey and McKinnon have a dance off to Sia's Chandelier. They both dress as the young dancer from the video. (2014-10-27)

SNL Sketch Pokes Fun at Expensive Vitamix Blender: SNL pokes fun at the juicing craze. Sarah Silverman and Vanessa Bayer have a terrible argument over a Vitamix blender. (2014-10-05)

SNL Faux Movie Trailer: The Ebola in Our Everything: SNL did a hilarious spoof trailer for the sequel to The Fault in Our Stars. It's called The Ebola in Our Everything Starring Sarah Silverman and Taran Killam (2014-10-05)

Chris Pratt Hosts SNL, Marvel Can't Fail: Chris Pratt hosted SNL and in this digital short shows how Marvel can throw anything in the theaters and still gross $3 billion. (2014-09-29)

Andy Samberg Goes for a Celebrity Impressions Record in His SNL Monologue: Andy Samberg did a lightning round of celebrity impressions in his SNL monologue in order beat Bill Hader's record. But Bill will not be denied. (2014-05-18)

Andrew Garfield Impersonates Justin Timberlake on SNL's Celebrity Family Feud: Andrew Garfield shows off an amazing Justin Timberlake impersonation in the latest SNL Celebrity Feud sketch. (2014-05-04)

SNL Movie Trailer: The Beygency Starring Andrew Garfield, Taran Killam and Kiefer Sutherland: Andrew Garfield, Taran Killam and Kiefer Sutherland star in this hilarious thriller trailer called The Beygency. If you disrespect Queen Bey, you'll be hearing from them. (2014-05-04)

SNL Sketch: Les Jeunes de Paris Starring Anna Kendrick and Taran Killam: Anna Kendrick and Taran Killam star in another wonderfully weird installment of Les Jeunes de Paris. There is French spoken and lots of dancing. (2014-04-07)

Saturday Night Live Takes Aim at George R.R. Martin: SNL poked a bit of fun at Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. Bobby Moynihan plays Martin who gives fans a sneak peek at the next book. (2014-04-07)

SNL Digital Short: Girl, the Biblical Epic Starring Lena Dunham and Taran Killam: Lena Dunham and Taran Killam star in this hilarious faux trailer for Girl, the Biblical epic about Adam and Eve and how they got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. (2014-03-09)

SNL Skit: Girlfriends Talk Show Starring Aidy Bryant, Melissa McCarthy and Cecily Strong: SNL Skit: Melissa McCarthy joins in this new episode of Girlfirends Talk Show starring Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong. (2014-02-04)

SNL Skit: Parody Celebrity Christmas Album Starring Jimmy Fallon and Kate McKinnon: Jimmy Fallon impersonates Harry Styles, Pitbull and Alan Rickman in this SNL parody of a celebrity Christmas album. (2013-12-28)

SNL Skit: Waking Up With Kimye, Christmas Edition Starring Nasim Pedrad and Jay Pharoah: Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad reprise their roles as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the Christmas episode of Waking Up With Kimye. (2013-12-22)

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Star in SNL's Wrappinville Skit: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon star in SNL's Bring it on Down to Wrappinville Skit. (2013-12-22)

SNL Skit: Girlfriends Talk Show Starring Aidy Bryant, Josh Hutcherson and Cecily Strong: Josh Hutcherson joins the Girlfriends Talk Show as the cutest boy in school in this funny SNL skit. (2013-11-24)

SNL Faux Movie Trailer for The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders Starring Ed Norton as Owen Wilson: SNL does a hilarious riff on Wes Anderson films in this faux movie trailer starring Ed Norton playing Owen Wilson in The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders. (2013-10-27)